School Uniforms: Why They Help (argumentative essay)

Anything that makes school easier for students is a good thing. With pressure from parents, peers, and future schools, kids can undergo a lot of strain during their educational years. Add to that the distraction of friends, entertainment, and even hormones, and life gets pretty rough. That is why school uniforms can be helpful to students. They can help ease the distractions of daily life and give students a sense of pride and focus in their educational studies. Though the idea of school uniforms can often come with negative connotations, once examined closer, they can be found to be quite beneficial to students.

School uniforms can give students a sense of pride. Dressing alike can make students feel like they belong to a particular school and will feel more connected to those around them. Wearing uniforms may decrease vandalism to school property and disrespect for teachers, because students feel a part of the environment that they are in. It is like putting on a role each day, and settling into that role. They are representing their school in and around the community and will have a special source of pride.

School uniforms are often vetoed due to money concerns. Families are already under financial pressure and uniforms are seen as an extra cost. But uniforms do not have to be viewed that way. Uniforms can be simple, like black pants and a white shirt. They do not have to be complex, school-bought attire. And if the uniform is very specific, this can actually help families in financial need, as less clothing will actually have to be purchased. Students will wear the same outfit each day, needing only a few sets to make it through the week.

One of the biggest concerns with students in our modern era has to do with bullying. Kids often target others as being ‘different’ and use this as a way to attack them. And often students who wear different clothing (that isn’t brand name or popular) are targeted. But if students are all wearing the same outfit, this idea of judging people based on appearance will be lessened. Students will feel less pressure to wear certain in-style clothes and can think more about their schooling than what they’re wearing when they are in the building.

Another argument against school uniforms has to do with creativity. Each student has a special personality that they want – and need – to express. Many people associate wearing uniforms as a way to repress a students’ individuality. But, as with the cost of uniforms, this is a misconception. Students wearing uniforms can still display their unique personality through hairstyles and accessories, as well as with what they wear after school.

There are a few negative aspects to having students wear school uniforms, but they are outweighed by the many positive aspects. Students who wear school uniforms can achieve a sense of pride in their school and personal education. They can focus on their learning and not what they are wearing. Bullying can be lessened without taking away a person’s individuality.

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