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In business now for thirty years, has an impressive 98% returning customer record. All their writers have a graduate or post graduate degree. Your custom written essay – that the company insists is to be used as a guide only – will be sent to you by email or priority mailed if necessary. The company insists these are “model” essays which serve to point you to research sources, citation styles, and provide a helpful means of getting over writer’s block. They handle all sorts of essays on all sorts of topics. They handle every level of academic writing. They guarantee that your paper is unique and none of the content has been plagiarized.


The pricing rate guide for this company is a little different than other similar companies. General term papers are $30 per page. Technical term papers – defined as science, basic economics, and geography, or papers requiring a heavy amount of reading and research – will cost $32 a page. Specialized topics – defined as nursing, graduate studies, law, business, linguistics, and economics – run $32-$34 per page. Business case studies start at $40 per page. Annotated bibliographies are $40 and up. Graduate work will run $35 and up.

If you require copies of maps or a chart, it is a $20 fee. There is a research fee for papers requiring 1-3 sources of $2 per page. If you project needs specific sources it’s $4 and up per page. Book and film reviews that only need a short book or film are $30 a page. Those that need long or multiple references are $32 a page. They have a 5 page minimum. To hire someone to answer short answer questions, you will pay $34 a page and 2 questions will count as two five page essays. They also do resumes for $80 and up. Editing is $45 per hour. If you need a speech written, it will cost you $15 per minute with a five minute minimum.

There are no discounts available for this company.

What sets them apart from other companies is the simplicity of their site. The text, pictures, and distractions are kept to a minimum. The relevant information can be located via a tab down the left side of the site. With only five tabs, it is very easy to find what you need on this site. You can request a quote before ordering, which helps with the somewhat confusing pricing guideā€”confusing mostly because it is unique.