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The essay storehouse,, offers pre-written essays on a variety of topics for reasonable prices. You go to the site, find the subject your paper is in, locate the topic within that subject, and click. There you will find the available essays already written. Each essay is rated from free, unrated, better, stronger, powerful, term, and research papers. The price increases as the rating increases. Beside each essay description is a word and page count. There is also a preview, which allows you to peruse some of the essay before buying. The site clarifies their purpose as providing research. They explain that is legal to use other essays as research, but you shouldn’t turn in the paper as your own.  The original authors of the paper retain the copyrights to the work. They also offer a few writers’ tools. They have the writer’s block tool, the vocabulary tool, topic and title generator, and info page. You cannot get custom papers written from this company. There is no stable of writers waiting for your order. You can also donate old papers to the site if you choose.
Pricing is based on the paper’s rating: from free, unrated, better, stronger, powerful, term, and research papers. Free papers have a red band and cost nothing. Unrated papers have an orange band and cost $6.95. Yellow banded papers are “better essays” and run $14.95. Stronger essays are tagged purple and will cost you $19.95. Powerful essays are designated blue and cost $24.95. The sea green band is for term papers and those run the customer $29.95. Term papers are labeled deep green and run $34.95.
What’s sets this company apart is that there is no wait for the essays. And some of the essays are 100% free. The essays are also rated in terms of how good they are. If you are looking for a sample paper, or a paper for a model, this can be a good spot to check. They also point out that you can use the reference lists of some these papers to further your own research, help you get over your writer’s block, or even help you generate a topic. Some topics and subjects have more papers available. The English literature section is the largest. If you have an assignment over a classic piece of literature, this is a great place to start your search. This site sees themselves as partners on your journey to becoming a better writer.