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The essay company,, offers custom written papers for a variety of academic levels and deadlines. They also offer CV writing, resume writing, editing, proofreading, and rewriting.
Pricing for their products hinges on the number of papers required, the academic level needed, the deadline, and the type of paper. Prices begin at $13 a page for high school material for a paper due in fourteen days. For a Ph.D. student’s paper due in fourteen days, the rate goes up to $28 a page. If you needed a paper in 8 hours, a high school student would pay $28 a page. That timeline isn’t available for the Ph.D. student, but at the Masters level it would run $48 a page. For a CV needed in seven days, the price is $75.99. If it were needed in twenty-four hours, it would cost $115.99. Resumes needed in a week will run $59.99. A twenty-four turnaround puts the price up to $99.99. A cover letter runs $19.99 if you give them a week. If you need it in a day, the price goes up $59.99. Proofreading at the high school level with fourteen days notice is $3 per page. If the work is needed in eight hours, the price rises to $6.75. For a Ph.D. student, fourteen days notice runs $6.75 per page, and you can’t have eight hours notice. Editing for the high school student with fourteen days notice is $6 a page. For the Ph.D. it is $13.50 a page with fourteen days notice. If the high school student provides fourteen days notice for a rewrite, the charge is $9 per page. For the Ph.D. with fourteen days notice, it is $20.25 per page.
Discounts can be had for repeat customers and is based upon how much the customer has spent with the company. A customer who has spent $500 gets a lifetime discount of 5%. Once a customer has spent $1000, they get a lifetime discount of 10% off their orders. At the $2000 expenditure level, the customer is entitled to a 15% discount for the rest of the orders they place.
Some things that separate this company from others has to do with their writers themselves. They put their writers through a rigorous hiring process. A four-hour online test, as well as a citation style test, and the submission of a sample paper. Their writers are evaluated twice a month. This consists of three pages of a paper they’ve recently written is reviewed by a professional editor. If you want some peace of mind regarding the writer assigned to your work, you can spend $5 to get three samples of their previous work.